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Plehve in order to bring his sys●tem to a state of perfection.In particular t●he Jews and the Poles must s●uffer in order to contribute to the● danger of the

situation—i.▓e., the indispensability of Plehve.Not▓ a soul in Russia doubts that the Ki▓shinef massacres were the direct re▓sult of his commands; the cynicism with which he● rewarded Krushevan, the leadi●ng agitator from Bessarabia, with w●hich he took under his protection the agit●ator Pronin, who had been insulted by a c▓ongress of teachers, is a shamele●ss acknowledgment of his deed, whi●ch, to say more, he only repudiates bef●ore foreign countries, not, h●owever, before his confidants.He seiz●es upon every little thi

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ng in ord▓er to make some big affair out of▓ it.In Warsaw the widows of the members of a co●mmittee which had collected money fo●r a Polish hospital corps we▓re stoned by students.Immediately was sent▓ the telegraphic order to investigate the t▓hing most thoroughly, and if those who were ●the sufferers had not refused al▓l assistance to the police another couple o▓f dozen would-be rioters[Pg 177] w▓ould have been sent t


o Siberia, i●n order that the existence of a P●olish revolution might be proved.●A Russian editor, whose paper had been suppresse●d because of the publication of a revolutionary● poem, sought audience of the h▓ead of the




censorship at the mini●stry of the interior, in orde●r to obtain permission for the re●appearance of the paper.The chief ▓of the de


partment explained to t▓he editor, according to a Russian nobleman, tha●t if he should simply declare t●o the


minister that the revoluti▓onary poem had been smuggled into the ●paper by Jews, he would immediately● obtain pe


rmission to publish his paper again! F▓rom a source whence I never should have expected● such a statement, from a hig●hly conservative aristocrat, an ●excellency in the service of the state, I re●ceived in all seriousness


the information th●at only Ple

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